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Learning to ride the waves of life

Your body stores emotions, and your brain weaves a unique story. What’s yours?

Embark on a transformative journey by the ocean this June! Break free from deep rooted habits & boost your brain-body power in our Resilience Retreat – a true antidote to burnout and a booster for sustainable change.

Experience the healing power of the ocean as a metaphor for riding the waves of life – just as you navigate the ups and downs on a surfboard, this retreat offers you the trust and the tools to handle the many challenges of daily life with resilience and grace.

Led by top experts in brain & body health, Jeannette Bolck and Louis Wijdenbosch, with over two decades of experience in psychological and physical coaching and healthcare, our Resilience Retreat offers a unique blend of neuropsychology, psychomotor therapy, somatic exercises, top sport insights, and specially designed resilience surfing sessions from EriceiraWaves surf school.

When: June 6-10, 2024

Where: Ericeira, Portugal –  Quinta Raposeiros (1 hour from Lisbon airport)

What to expect:

Our retreat is designed to offer you an integrated approach to mental health and general well-being, by helping you build emotional and physical resilience. Our carefully develop 5 day program includes:

  • Overcoming setbacks and preventing burnout
  • Fostering energy harmony and setting healthy boundaries
  • Unlocking creativity and boosting your brain-body balance
  • Practical tools for professional and personal use, ensuring you can apply your newfound knowledge back home
  • Exclusive resilience surfing sessions – designed together with Ericeira Waves Surf School – an opportunity for a wholesome brain-body experience in nature
  • An additional online touch base after 3 months
  • The opportunity to enjoy the relaxing and extensive grounds of Quinta Raposeiros, a true paradise by the sea

Break free, boost your energy, and blossom into your best self.

You will go home with a fresh perspective of yourself and of life.

Ready to experience the difference?

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