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Ericeira is a charming coastal town located in Portugal, just 50 kilometers northwest of Lisbon. Known for its stunning beaches, world-class surfing conditions, and picturesque cobblestone streets, Ericeira is a popular destination for travelers seeking a laid-back atmosphere and breathtaking scenery. The town’s historic center is home to numerous shops, cafes, and restaurants, as well as beautiful churches and other architectural gems. Whether you’re looking to catch some waves, soak up the sun on the beach, or simply enjoy the relaxed pace of life, Ericeira has something for everyone.

Ericeira is the first World Surfing Reserve in Europe, recognized for its outstanding surfing conditions, rich surf culture, and environmental conservation efforts. The reserve includes a 4-kilometer stretch of coastline that encompasses eight world-class surf breaks, each with its own unique characteristics and challenges. The reserve’s goal is to protect and preserve this precious natural resource for future generations while promoting sustainable tourism and community development. With its impressive waves and breathtaking beauty, Ericeira World Surfing Reserve is a must-visit destination for any surfing enthusiast.

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