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Private lessons

Private lessons

Our instructors will teach you the fundamentals which guide you through the tough process of learning how to surf. No matter your skill level, you will learn the basics of board handling, positioning, paddling.

2 hours lesson, with material and insurance

  1. Training – in our 30 minute land portion of the lesson, you will learn and practice a variety of different pop up techniques that you will need to know before heading out into the ocean to catch your waves.
  2. Wave Riding – now that you have learned the basics of safety and pop ups, it’s time to put your new skills to the test! Spend the rest of the time in the ocean surfing with your instructor.
  3. Knowledge – basic wave reading including all possible factors.
  4. Safety – water safety and ocean awareness, basic ocean safety paddling and positioning on the board.
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We offer you a range of surf lessons. Whether you’re looking for Surf Group lessons, or Private lessons.

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